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Archery – How to choose the right arrow rest

Having the right arrow rest may be the difference between success and complete misery during your bow hunting or archery escapades. Speaking from years of experience operating an original store, regardless of how much you have spent on your bow and arrows,your rest is an important component in ensuring you have a well-tuned shooting system.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the right arrow rest for your compound bow, which is done by ensuring that there is aright match between the arrow rest and your style of shooting. This will greatly help you in narrowing down from the numerous options in the market.

The drop-away option

The drop-away option of arrow rests has incorporated asystem for containing the arrows by holding themin place to enable the arrow to automatically align itself in the launch position. As the arrow is launched, the system is designed to stay upright so as to support and offer guidance to the arrow thereby eliminating all possibilities of interference with fletching. This action results in a great improvement in arrow stability because the system has reduced the archer’s contact with arrows.

The release aid option

Shooting an arrow using a release aid causes the arrow to flex vertically though always minimally as it leaves the bow. It is therefore necessary to have a rest that provides support by complementing this action because the slightest bump will send the arrow off its intended path.

arche - Archery – How to choose the right arrow rest

The whisker biscuit option

The whisker biscuit type arrow rests are probably the world’s most popular arrow rests because of their simplicity and wide range of applications. Because the rest gives support to the arrow around its shaft, it willenhance the performance both for the release shot and the finger shot arrows. It is important to note that this type of systemwill increase a shootersform flaws tenfold. However, you may not notice these differences in close range shooting.

The finger shooting option

Finger shooting which involves drawing and releasing while using your fingers, often requires you to have an arrow rest that has a side-to-side support and spring tension for your arrow. This is because, when an arrow is shot from a bow, it flexes. The rolling of your bow’s string off your fingers causes the arrow to flex in a side-to-side action therefore requiring the support of a rest to stabilize.

The snap rest option

This system has been designed in a way that allows the rest’s launcher to snap down and then out of the arrows path the moment the arrow is released. The main benefit to this system is that you geta longer guidance time which allows for stabilization of the arrow.

mm - Archery – How to choose the right arrow rest

This is just an overview therefore as an archer, the best way to find the system that best suits you is actually to test it out physically and see which works best for you. Ultimately, the majordifferences among these options is simply the archer’s preference.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this piece.

3 tips for choosing the right bow

The archery industry is quite competitive, meaning that there are many bow manufacturers out there eachproducing different models, therefore making it somewhat difficult or confusing for archery enthusiasts to determine which make and model is right for them.

So, where do you even start?

Having operated an original store for years, our advice to you is to first and foremost know why you want a bow and secondly, equip yourself with some fundamental knowledge of bow technology. These two things will enable you to choose the bow that’s right for you.

Here are 3 tips for choosing the right bow for yourself.

1 Know the primary purpose of your bow

Generally, people buy bows for target archery, bow hunting, or both. Therefore, the bow you choose must be selected according to how much time you intend to train in order for your bow to perform up to your expectations. Otherwise,if you simply want a recreational, easy-to-shoot bow for some backyardarchery thentechnology, design, color and shape will not be your priority. But if you are a serious shooter or bow hunter, the investment that you make into your bow is critical to maximizing your success as both a target shooter as well as a bow hunter. When all of your parts and pieces are perfected, the return on your investment will be tenfold.

2 You must be willing to spend to get quality

In the archery and bow hunting industry, there is a price range for everyone meaning that you will usually get exactly what you pay for. Generally, the more the quality of the bow and equipment that you purchase, the greater the results in terms of shooting accuracy, and this means spending more money. Otherwise, the less money you spend on your bow, the lower the quality as well as diminished shooting accuracy.

bow2 - 3 tips for choosing the right bow

3 Look out for the bow’s craftsmanship and components

At the end of the day, the thing that separates the low, middle and high price point bows is the bow’s level of craftsmanship and quality of components. Regardless of how much you spend on your bow, its axle-to-axle configuration, brace heightand cam options are the first things you should look out for as they will greatly influence how the bow performs of course depending on what your purpose for it is – target archery, bow hunting, or simply recreational archery.

Thanks to technology, even lower costing bows will still serve you well however, you need to know that they are cheap for a reason and cheap is always ultimately expensive. The more pricey bows always guaranteehardened axles, longer lasting bearings, tight and longer lasting limb pockets which are of great benefit to serious shooters. We can’t say the same for the cheaper options.

All in all,choosing the right bow and equipment will guarantee you a rewarding, fun as well as challenging experience.

Do share with us your experiences shopping for the bow that worked best for you.

How to determine draw length and draw weight

We have made numerous references to draw length and draw weight in our previous posts but made the realization that not everyone on our platform is a pro, accept our apologies!Therefore, we have decided to expound more on this topic for the benefit of the guys just getting into archery.

By now you have noticed that whereas a traditional recurve bows allow you to draw back to almost any length, the more modern compound bowsonly allows drawing back to a pre-set distance before it stops. This is because compound bows are designed to be shot from a full draw position therefore, for you to be able to operate it at full draw, it is important to know your draw length. Getting your accurate draw length is necessary so that you can be able to shoot properly and most importantly, it is what will determine the type of compound bow you will purchase.

The two methods of determining you draw length

The first and undoubtedly the most accurate way to determine your draw length is to measure your wingspan. This is done by holding your arms straight out and measuring from fingertip to fingertip. Be sure to round off to the nearest inch.

Here is a scale to guide you:

63″ Wingspan is equal to 24″ Draw Length

64″ Wingspanis equal to 24 1/2″ Draw Length

65″ Wingspanis equal to 25″ Draw Length

66″ Wingspanis equal to 25 1/2″ Draw Length

67″ Wingspanis equal to 26″ Draw Length

68″ Wingspanis equal to 26 1/2″ Draw Length

69″ Wingspanis equal to 27″ Draw Length

70″ Wingspanis equal to 27 1/2″ Draw Length

71″ Wingspanis equal to 28″ Draw Length

72″ Wingspanis equal to 28 1/2″ Draw Length

73″ Wingspanis equal to 29″ Draw Length

74″ Wingspanis equal to 29 1/2″ Draw Length

75″ Wingspanis equal to 30″ Draw Length

76″ Wingspanis equal to 30 1/2″ Draw Length

77″ Wingspanis equal to 31″ Draw Length

The second way of determining draw length is done by making a fist with your bow hand and touching it against a wall straight out to the side of your body as if you were shooting a bow. While you stand straight, in a good shooting posture, have someone measure the distance from the wall to the corner of your mouth. Use the scale above to determine the draw length.

Determining your draw weight

When it comes to your draw weight, it will mostly depend on your stature and strength. As a recommendation, you need to start out light when shooting by choosing a weight that is easy to draw so that you can build your muscles after repeated shooting. With time, you will be able to get to comfortably operate your bow at different draw weights depending on your end goal.

We trust this is helpful information that will enable you handle your shooting much better.

Be sure to share your feedback on your experience.

How to order custom bow strings and cables

Having operated an original store serving archery and hunting enthusiast for years, we can confidently say that Winners Choice Strings currently offers the best service in custom stringsthat are a perfect fit foryour bow’s specifications. Therefore, it is important to be able to determine the individual specifications of your bow so as to able to accurately make an order for your custom madecables and bow strings.

Ordering for your custom strings and cables is mostly done online therefore you need to have a very clear understanding of your bow’s specifications so that you can be able to get your order right.

Here is how you go about it.

Step 1: Identifying your bow’s specifications

To identify your bow’s specifications, check on the bottom limb of your bow or inside your bow’s bottom inner limb pocket, there will be a sticker that has listed your bow’s lengths and other specifications.

Step 2: Know the strings and cables that match your bow’s specifications

If your bow has a Single Cam system, then you will need one (1) string between approximately 88″–100″, and one (1) split buss cable length between 30″–45″.

If your bow is a Dual Cam system, then you will need one (1) string length between approximately 30″–60″ and two (2) split buss cables of equal length between approximately 30″–50″.

If your bow has a Hybrid (Cam and 1/2) system, then you will need one (1) string between approximately 40″–60″, one (1) split buss cable between approximately 30″–40″, and one (1) longer control cable between approximately 30″–40″.

Newer Bowtechs have Binary Dual Cam systems that require one (1) string between approximately 30″–50″, and two (2) identical control cables between approximately 30″–50″. Split buss cables split in a “V” attaching to the outer limb axles. Control cables DO NOT SPLIT. Control cables attach directly from cam to cam.

bow1 - How to order custom bow strings and cables

Step 3: Ensure the information is accurate before submitting your order

It is important to ensure that the information you give is very accurate and complete before you hit the submit order button. This is because if you get it wrong, there is no option of returning your order to the manufacturer because the strings and cable were custom made specifically for your bow. Any errors will mean you have wasted your money and you have to dig into your wallet to make a new order.

As an archer and a hunting enthusiast, as a rule of thumb, you need to develop an intimate relationship with your bow so that you know every inch of it. This is your best way to hack the custom game. Alternatively, you can visit us at Spirit Quest Archery and we will guide you through this process.

Tips on archery gear you must have with you when hunting

When on our hunting escapades there are many items we are required to carry with us while in the field, most of which we never really miss until we actually need them. Damage or loss toany of these items may actually mean an end to the hunt even before it begins.

As operators of an original store dealing with archery equipment, we have heard and seen it all. Customers complaining about not being able to hunt after hiking 5 to 10 miles only to realize that a piece broke or is missing. Terrible! Isn’t it?

Many of us generally hate carrying all the extra weight because of these spare items because the more weight on your back, the less you will enjoy your hunt especially if it requires you being on your feet for extended hours. What you need to do is ensure you carry the spares probably in a separate bag which you will in the truck or at base camp. Problem solved!

Let’s look at the list of tools you need with you during your hunting that will ensure your bow functions fully all through the hunt. We’ll break it into two,the first list containing the items to carry in your pack during the hunt and the second list containing the tools you can leave in your truck or at base camp.

The items to have with you at all times during the hunt

  1. Spare release
  2. Two extra broadheads
  3. Broadhead wrench
  4. String Wax
  5. About 12 inches of string loop material
  6. Butane lighter
  7. Serving material
  8. Leatherman style multi-tool
  9. Archer’s Allen wrench tool
  10. Extra Peep tubing (if the peep has one)
  11. Bow belt hook
  12. Armguard  (to keep your sleeve out of the way)
  13. Bow Sling
  14. Extra arrows especially if you are planning a long hike

Seems like a long list but you will thank us for this.

hun - Tips on archery gear you must have with you when hunting

The items to have with you but you can leave in the truck or at base camp

  1. Spare Arrows
  2. Spare broadheads and blades
  3. Judo tips or bludgeon points
  4. Portable Bow Press
  5. Bohning Mini Server tool with serving material
  6. String Splitter
  7. Extra string silencers
  8. Spare String Set
  9. Fuzzy stuff and rest silencing material
  10. Spare Peep sight
  11. Spare sight pins or sight
  12. Fiber optic material for sight pins
  13. Loop material
  14. Spare Kisser button (if you use one)
  15. Wrenches and tools
  16. Lubricant for bow
  17. Tape measure
  18. Arrow Glue

Another long list but very essential.

If you are among the many people who feel this may be too much of a hustle, the way out is to carry and extra bow, fully set up and ready to shoot. This option only works if you don’t have too much of an attachment to your favorite bow.

Do let us know if you have an easier way of doing this. We are always happy to learn.

Happy hunting.

Horton Explorer HD 150 Red Dot Crossbow

The modern archery enthusiast has a choice between several different weapons with which to target shoot or hunt, and the application of modern materials and engineering to these timeless designs has created a number of different approaches to the basic function of projecting an arrow accurately from the string.

Recurve bows are made in a fashion similar to hunting and war bows made for thousands of years, although with contemporary improvements such as fiberglass layering on the limbs, arrow rests, and carefully-designed strings using modern materials that ensure the maximum IBO speed rating. Compound bows use cams, laminated or uncut fiber limbs, and complex mechanics to fire an arrow with great accuracy and little strain to the user. And crossbows apply the centuries-old principles of this weapon system to the modern era with rifle-style stocks, laser sights, and similar conveniences.

The Horton Explorer HD 150 Red Dot Crossbow is a strong, accurate hunting crossbow that makes use of the ancient crossbow design and upgrades it to the modern era with materials, sights, and various other flourishes of archery technology. The crossbow is solidly sized and built, but not extremely heavy, since it is used largely in the manner of a rifle – the overall length of the weapon is 30 inches, its weight is 7.4 pounds, and the draw weight, as its name declares, is 150 pounds.

The bow limbs on the Horton Explorer are laminated for extra strength, and this, combined with the 150-pound draw weight and machined aluminum alloy wheels, gives the crossbow an IBO rating of 270 feet per second, which places it well above all but the most powerful compound bows. The crossbow is powerful enough to use for hunting white tailed deer, elk, and black bears, and can probably be used for heavier game as well with a broad head hunting arrow. Grizzly bears and African game may well be within its capabilities, as well. The crossbow uses a 20” bolt.

The effective range is in excess of 60 yards with a skillful, well-practiced archer, though much shorter ranges are advised for most users until they have built up their aim with experience. A shot with this crossbow is strong enough to blow through a deer’s body completely at close range, ensuring a fatal hit as long as placement is correct.

The Explorer HD 150 includes many other features meant to make shooting with it easier and more effective. The safety catch has an ambidextrous release, while the sight can be rapidly adjusted for range using the “Dial-a-Range trajectory compensator” built into the weapon. The trigger has a smooth pull and a good pull weight and let-off for easy, comfortable shooting. Finally, the crossbow includes a three-dot red laser sight called the “Mult-A-Range.” This sight is fairly accurate but may fog up in light rain. It can be replaced with single-dot laser sights if desired, though a single-dot sight is not included.

The package also includes a three-bolt quiver that attaches to the Horton Explorer crossbow and three practice bolts. The quiver’s attachment to the crossbow is extremely flimsy, however, unlike the rest of the engineering on the weapon, which is very tough and rugged. The quiver attachment is likely to break off quite quickly – although this will not reduce the functionality of the crossbow itself.

Several accessories on the market can help you get even more out of your Horton Explorer HD 150. A good fitted crossbow case will help to keep the weapon safe, clean, and dry when it is not actually being used, although the crossbow is very well made and will last for many years if you clean it carefully after each expedition. A crank cocking device is also very helpful given the draw weight of the bow. Lubricant wax will help it function better, and a spare string is never out of place. But, generally speaking, the Horton Explorer is a powerful, accurate, very sturdy crossbow with a good pull weight on the trigger, a decent laser sight, and moderate maneuverability because of its weight and size – a good crossbow for any type of sportsman interested in archery.

Archery – These 2 technologies guarantee arrow accuracy

The desire by archers to have arrows that guarantee maximum accuracy has meant that manufacturers have put a lot of focus on improving arrow technology to meet these desires for accuracy.We have tried some of the top-of-the-line arrows and have been really impressed with the accuracy improvements that we have seen.

Based on our tests that we have strived to do under the most extreme hunting environments, we have chosen to share with you the two technologies that we feel will give you the best shooting experience.

The Victory Archery VAP

For this category, we have tested both the V1 and the V3 models of the Victory Archery VAP (Victory Armor Piercing) arrows for hunting as well as outdoor 3 D shooting and we are very impressed with this technology. The V3 arrow has achieved a straightness of .003 inches whereas the V1 has achieved a straightness of .001 inches. This line of Victory VAP arrows are very small in diametermaking them buck the wind better and carry their velocity further down range than a standard diameter arrow.

In terms of weight, they are a little on the light side, but use a 50 grain insert. The Victory Penetrator II inserts for instance, have proven to be a much stronger inserts than what was used in the original models.Thus far, we have not registered a problem of any of them bending from an impact less than the typical impact that would damage any other arrow. When totaled up, the VAP V1 has a shoot weigh of 403 grains at 27 inches with a Penetrator II insert and a 100 grain tip.

All in all, the level of accuracy of the Victory VAP arrows has been exceptional all the way to 100 yards with target tips, and all the way to 80 yards with fixed blade broadheads.

The Carbon Express Maxima series

The second arrow technology we have tested and have been impressed with the results is the Carbon Express Maxima series. To be more specific, the Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows. If you had used the originalHunter Models and assumed that was as good as it gets in terms of arrow technology then you are in for a surprise. The Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows have achieved a straightness of .0025 and have a dual spine to them. Their ends are a stiffer spine than the center section which allows the arrows to recover from their initial bend at the shot more quickly. This is one of the main factors that we felt increases their accuracy. This is undoubtedly the best grouping arrows we’ve ever screwed a fixed blade broadhead to. They maintain their accuracy all the way to 80 yards with broadheads as well as target tips

Be sure to try these arrow technologies and we will appreciate if you share with us your thoughts

These are the factors that enhance arrow accuracy

Many archers have spent so much money on high quality bows but ended up skimping on the quality of their arrows. This ends up having a negative impact on their accuracy while on the range as well as while on a hunt.

You may be an experienced archer able to interchange different bows with different arrows for instance using a really good bow like the Mathew’s MQ32 to accurately propela low cost bulk arrow. However, the moment you try a better quality arrow such as the Easton XX78 with the same bow, you will immediately notice that your shooting will improve dramatically. You are guaranteed a better shooting experience if you have better quality arrows in your quivers.

Let’s look at the factors that enhance arrow accuracy.

The straightness of the arrow

For arrows, the straightness listed is measured on a full-length shaft. Experienced archers know that they need arrows in their quivers that have a good reputation for accuracy. This is precisely why arrow manufacturers emphasize on the straightness of their arrows as this has been proven to be an important aspect of the arrow when it comes to accuracy. When shooting a long arrow especially, it is very important for it to be straight to ensure its accuracy.

archer - These are the factors that enhance arrow accuracy

Spin consistency from the arrow

Spin consistency of an arrow is another factor that has to be taken into consideration when looking for ultimate accuracy. Generally, a spine tester is used to measure the spin of an arrow however, most archers often do not have one with them. So as a tradition, the consistency of the arrow’s spine is judged by its price simply because, the cost incurred to produce an arrow with an extremely consistent spinis high therefore making it end up costing more.

How far you intend to shoot the arrow

By the time you are purchasing your arrows, you need to have a rough idea of how far you intend on shooting them. This is because the distance you intend to shoot them will determine the level of accuracy that is acceptable to you. For instance, if you intend to make 30 yard shots, almost any name brand carbon arrow out there will work for you. However if you are targeting to make up to 60 yard shots, then you will definitely need to consider higher quality arrows.

The weight consistency of the arrow

Weight consistency is another factor that will determine your arrow’s accuracy. Currently, most high quality arrows have a weight consistency of around 0.1 grains for each shaft. If the arrows in your quiver vary in total weight let’s say by more than one grain, then you can be guaranteed to experience a noticeable loss of accuracy. You will notice your arrows hitting low and high at longer distances.

archer2 - These are the factors that enhance arrow accuracy

There you have it. Don’t skimp on your arrows if you want to remain accurate.

We would appreciate your thoughts on this especially after you have tested different quality arrows.

Top 6 innovations in archery

As archery and hunting enthusiasts, we are always keen to see what innovations manufacturers of products in the archery and hunting space will introduce to enhance our experience in a fun and affordable way.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 innovations that we feel are worth a mention.

#6 The Carnivore Meat Bags

It seems rather obvious that you will need a game bag to pack in your meat after a successful hunt. However, most game bags are made of cheese cloth material that is clumsy, stretchy and easily rips therefore not reusable. Worry no more! The Carnivore Meat Bags produced by Caribou Gear is the solution. It is made out of a tougher material comparable to cotton that allows for superior wicking away of moisture from the meat content for optimal drying properties and breathability. It is ultralight, strong, very compact and reusable. Never head out for a hunt without this game bag!

#5 The Revolution

The Revolution produced by Trophy Ridge is a high performance arrow rest at a very economical price. It is a drop-away rest that allows for uninterrupted and flawless arrowlaunching.

hipbone - Top 6 innovations in archery
Image Source: SoCal Bow

#4 The Hipbone Tactical Bow Holder System

The Hipbone Tactical Bow Holder System produced by Tactical Archery Components is an innovative product that allows you to clip your bow firmly on your hip when you need to free up your hands. It is a snag free solution that hangs on your bow or belt thus offering a perfect remedy to traditional bow hooks which constantly snag tree limbs and your other gear and even your hunting buddies on occasion.

#3 The Woodland Buck 3–D Target

Targets are generally pricey and out of reach for many however, the Woodland Buck 3–D Target produced by Rinehart Targets is a godsend. It has a replaceable insert that is made with their best rubbery foam at an unprecedented low price therefore allowing most of us to afford to own our own Rinehart 3–D Target at an affordable price.

#2 The Back Seat Bow Sling

The Back Seat Bow Sling produced by Trophy Hunting Products enables you to safely secure your bow to the back of your front seat and is quickly and easily made accessible again with a simple snap of a buckle. It is an innovative replacement for the hard case that comes with your bow and takes up so much room in your vehicle.

#1The Carbon Blade Stabilizers

The Carbon Blade Stabilizers produced by Fuse and Hoyt is an aerodynamic, incredibly strong, lightweight carbon fiber stabilizer that lessens side wind resistance by up to 70 per cent to keep your bow on target in a breeze. This is an amazing technology that you have to try out.

As always, these are just our expert opinions from our point of view. We therefore welcome your thoughts.

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Archery – Top 5 list of products in the market

It’s always an exciting experience getting to test out new archery equipment when they hit the market for the first time. However, as experienced archers, we have realized that the first test may always mislead you owing to the excitement of testing out new equipment. That is why it is important to test the equipment multiple times under different conditions to ensure that it fits the bill.

It is for this reason that we have seen it fit to share our list of top 5 archery products in the market. This is just our humble opinion as weseek to identify archery gear that will enhance both target archery and hunting in an exciting, affordable, fun and challenging as well as rewarding way.

Here we go!

lazer - Archery - Top 5 list of products in the market

#5 The R400 Halo Laser Range Finderground

The R400 Halo Laser Range Finderground produced by Wild Game Innovations is an affordable yet efficient option when it comes to range finders. It has lightning-fast yardage reporting yet costs much less than most range finders in the market.

#4 The Back Pack Trail Light

The Back Pack Trail Light produced by Crooked Horn is a flip-open headlight that clips onto your back pack’s shoulder strap therefore directing the light in front of you instead of downward like a headlamp. This allows you to maneuver your way safely around obstacles.

#3 The X-Series Xtreme Bow Sling

As archers who spend a lot of our time hunting, we have on more than one occasion jumped out of the truck in pursuit of a spontaneous sighting of prey leaving behind our back pack with all of the essential survival gear. The X-Series Xtreme Bow Slingproduced by Blacks Creek is a simple yet brilliant solution.  This sling attaches to your bow in several ways allowing you to shoot with it still attached to the bottom limb. Since it is like a fanny pack, you can carry your essentials in it for those spur of the moment game animal pursuits.

GEAR - Archery - Top 5 list of products in the market

#2 The Rain Gear Set

No one can control Mother Nature, most hunters should be well aware of this. During hunting escapades, there is always a possibility of an unexpected rain storm which catches us off guard with no rain gear on hand mostly because we hesitated to include it in our packs to avoid the extra weight. Good news! ASAT designed a lightweight and packable Rain Gear Set that fits in your own individual bag for easy storage. This is definitely a must have!

#1 The LidCam Video Eyewear

As archers and hunters, we enjoy documenting our special moments in the wild however, it is impossible to hunt or target shoot while holding a video camera at the same time. Rhino Labs introducedthe LidCam Video Eyewear that clips onto your hat brim. It has a 4 – 8x zoom and a swiveling lens so you are in line with the shot while holding your bow.Just like a string suppressor, it is an accessory that will not affect your shot accuracy. This is definitely worth trying out.

Wewould love to hear your thoughts about our top 5.