4 bows you must try out

Archery is best experienced with the right equipment. You may have the passion, the skill, be a member of the right club, have the purchasing power and time on your hands to enjoy your archery escapades. However, without the right equipment, you are going to have just half the fun.

We take a look at 4 archery products that you must have.

#4 The Hoyt Alphamax Series Compound Bows

Hoyt has outdone itself when it comes to designing and manufacturing a sleek, streamlined and ultralight bow. The total weight of the bow is impressively just under four pounds in addition to a modular adjusting cam that can produce just above 320 fps. This is definitely worth checking out.

#3 The McPherson Series Monster Bow

The McPherson Series Monster Bow produced by the Mathews Mission Menace Compound Bow is another excellent product you need to have as part of your arsenal. This bow is extra smooth, has unprecedented speeds, and incorporates the Reezen which is currently one of the fastest single cam compound bows. This bow has flexible adjustments for draw lengths appropriate for and junior archer, youth or lady.

#2 The EPEK X–C3 Broadhead Bow

The X–C3 Broadhead bow produced by EPEK is for the archer who is tired of buying practice blades orafraid to shoot theirexpandable arrows. With one simple turn of a screw, this bow can be adjusted to prevent the blades from opening thus enabling you to sight in your broadhead without dulling the blade or tearing up your target. When ready to hunt, simply turn the screw again to release the blades. No need for practice blades again! Brilliant!

#1 The BowTurbow

The BowTurbow is definitely a product that archers have been dreaming of. It operates just like a rifle in that you can aim and shoot using one sight pin. For an archer, this means that there is a significant reduction in your margin of error for yardage estimation. The BowTurbow will expand one sight pin coverage from 0 – 40 yards which is the average hunting distance. This is definitely worth putting your hands on.

Do try them out and share with us your reviews.

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