Archery – Top 5 list of products in the market

It’s always an exciting experience getting to test out new archery equipment when they hit the market for the first time. However, as experienced archers, we have realized that the first test may always mislead you owing to the excitement of testing out new equipment. That is why it is important to test the equipment multiple times under different conditions to ensure that it fits the bill.

It is for this reason that we have seen it fit to share our list of top 5 archery products in the market. This is just our humble opinion as weseek to identify archery gear that will enhance both target archery and hunting in an exciting, affordable, fun and challenging as well as rewarding way.

Here we go!

lazer - Archery - Top 5 list of products in the market

#5 The R400 Halo Laser Range Finderground

The R400 Halo Laser Range Finderground produced by Wild Game Innovations is an affordable yet efficient option when it comes to range finders. It has lightning-fast yardage reporting yet costs much less than most range finders in the market.

#4 The Back Pack Trail Light

The Back Pack Trail Light produced by Crooked Horn is a flip-open headlight that clips onto your back pack’s shoulder strap therefore directing the light in front of you instead of downward like a headlamp. This allows you to maneuver your way safely around obstacles.

#3 The X-Series Xtreme Bow Sling

As archers who spend a lot of our time hunting, we have on more than one occasion jumped out of the truck in pursuit of a spontaneous sighting of prey leaving behind our back pack with all of the essential survival gear. The X-Series Xtreme Bow Slingproduced by Blacks Creek is a simple yet brilliant solution.  This sling attaches to your bow in several ways allowing you to shoot with it still attached to the bottom limb. Since it is like a fanny pack, you can carry your essentials in it for those spur of the moment game animal pursuits.

GEAR - Archery - Top 5 list of products in the market

#2 The Rain Gear Set

No one can control Mother Nature, most hunters should be well aware of this. During hunting escapades, there is always a possibility of an unexpected rain storm which catches us off guard with no rain gear on hand mostly because we hesitated to include it in our packs to avoid the extra weight. Good news! ASAT designed a lightweight and packable Rain Gear Set that fits in your own individual bag for easy storage. This is definitely a must have!

#1 The LidCam Video Eyewear

As archers and hunters, we enjoy documenting our special moments in the wild however, it is impossible to hunt or target shoot while holding a video camera at the same time. Rhino Labs introducedthe LidCam Video Eyewear that clips onto your hat brim. It has a 4 – 8x zoom and a swiveling lens so you are in line with the shot while holding your bow.Just like a string suppressor, it is an accessory that will not affect your shot accuracy. This is definitely worth trying out.

Wewould love to hear your thoughts about our top 5.

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