Tips on archery gear you must have with you when hunting

When on our hunting escapades there are many items we are required to carry with us while in the field, most of which we never really miss until we actually need them. Damage or loss toany of these items may actually mean an end to the hunt even before it begins.

As operators of an original store dealing with archery equipment, we have heard and seen it all. Customers complaining about not being able to hunt after hiking 5 to 10 miles only to realize that a piece broke or is missing. Terrible! Isn’t it?

Many of us generally hate carrying all the extra weight because of these spare items because the more weight on your back, the less you will enjoy your hunt especially if it requires you being on your feet for extended hours. What you need to do is ensure you carry the spares probably in a separate bag which you will in the truck or at base camp. Problem solved!

Let’s look at the list of tools you need with you during your hunting that will ensure your bow functions fully all through the hunt. We’ll break it into two,the first list containing the items to carry in your pack during the hunt and the second list containing the tools you can leave in your truck or at base camp.

The items to have with you at all times during the hunt

  1. Spare release
  2. Two extra broadheads
  3. Broadhead wrench
  4. String Wax
  5. About 12 inches of string loop material
  6. Butane lighter
  7. Serving material
  8. Leatherman style multi-tool
  9. Archer’s Allen wrench tool
  10. Extra Peep tubing (if the peep has one)
  11. Bow belt hook
  12. Armguard  (to keep your sleeve out of the way)
  13. Bow Sling
  14. Extra arrows especially if you are planning a long hike

Seems like a long list but you will thank us for this.

hun - Tips on archery gear you must have with you when hunting

The items to have with you but you can leave in the truck or at base camp

  1. Spare Arrows
  2. Spare broadheads and blades
  3. Judo tips or bludgeon points
  4. Portable Bow Press
  5. Bohning Mini Server tool with serving material
  6. String Splitter
  7. Extra string silencers
  8. Spare String Set
  9. Fuzzy stuff and rest silencing material
  10. Spare Peep sight
  11. Spare sight pins or sight
  12. Fiber optic material for sight pins
  13. Loop material
  14. Spare Kisser button (if you use one)
  15. Wrenches and tools
  16. Lubricant for bow
  17. Tape measure
  18. Arrow Glue

Another long list but very essential.

If you are among the many people who feel this may be too much of a hustle, the way out is to carry and extra bow, fully set up and ready to shoot. This option only works if you don’t have too much of an attachment to your favorite bow.

Do let us know if you have an easier way of doing this. We are always happy to learn.

Happy hunting.

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