How to order custom bow strings and cables

Having operated an original store serving archery and hunting enthusiast for years, we can confidently say that Winners Choice Strings currently offers the best service in custom stringsthat are a perfect fit foryour bow’s specifications. Therefore, it is important to be able to determine the individual specifications of your bow so as to able to accurately make an order for your custom madecables and bow strings.

Ordering for your custom strings and cables is mostly done online therefore you need to have a very clear understanding of your bow’s specifications so that you can be able to get your order right.

Here is how you go about it.

Step 1: Identifying your bow’s specifications

To identify your bow’s specifications, check on the bottom limb of your bow or inside your bow’s bottom inner limb pocket, there will be a sticker that has listed your bow’s lengths and other specifications.

Step 2: Know the strings and cables that match your bow’s specifications

If your bow has a Single Cam system, then you will need one (1) string between approximately 88″–100″, and one (1) split buss cable length between 30″–45″.

If your bow is a Dual Cam system, then you will need one (1) string length between approximately 30″–60″ and two (2) split buss cables of equal length between approximately 30″–50″.

If your bow has a Hybrid (Cam and 1/2) system, then you will need one (1) string between approximately 40″–60″, one (1) split buss cable between approximately 30″–40″, and one (1) longer control cable between approximately 30″–40″.

Newer Bowtechs have Binary Dual Cam systems that require one (1) string between approximately 30″–50″, and two (2) identical control cables between approximately 30″–50″. Split buss cables split in a “V” attaching to the outer limb axles. Control cables DO NOT SPLIT. Control cables attach directly from cam to cam.

bow1 - How to order custom bow strings and cables

Step 3: Ensure the information is accurate before submitting your order

It is important to ensure that the information you give is very accurate and complete before you hit the submit order button. This is because if you get it wrong, there is no option of returning your order to the manufacturer because the strings and cable were custom made specifically for your bow. Any errors will mean you have wasted your money and you have to dig into your wallet to make a new order.

As an archer and a hunting enthusiast, as a rule of thumb, you need to develop an intimate relationship with your bow so that you know every inch of it. This is your best way to hack the custom game. Alternatively, you can visit us at Spirit Quest Archery and we will guide you through this process.

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