Top 6 innovations in archery

As archery and hunting enthusiasts, we are always keen to see what innovations manufacturers of products in the archery and hunting space will introduce to enhance our experience in a fun and affordable way.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 innovations that we feel are worth a mention.

#6 The Carnivore Meat Bags

It seems rather obvious that you will need a game bag to pack in your meat after a successful hunt. However, most game bags are made of cheese cloth material that is clumsy, stretchy and easily rips therefore not reusable. Worry no more! The Carnivore Meat Bags produced by Caribou Gear is the solution. It is made out of a tougher material comparable to cotton that allows for superior wicking away of moisture from the meat content for optimal drying properties and breathability. It is ultralight, strong, very compact and reusable. Never head out for a hunt without this game bag!

#5 The Revolution

The Revolution produced by Trophy Ridge is a high performance arrow rest at a very economical price. It is a drop-away rest that allows for uninterrupted and flawless arrowlaunching.

hipbone - Top 6 innovations in archery
Image Source: SoCal Bow

#4 The Hipbone Tactical Bow Holder System

The Hipbone Tactical Bow Holder System produced by Tactical Archery Components is an innovative product that allows you to clip your bow firmly on your hip when you need to free up your hands. It is a snag free solution that hangs on your bow or belt thus offering a perfect remedy to traditional bow hooks which constantly snag tree limbs and your other gear and even your hunting buddies on occasion.

#3 The Woodland Buck 3–D Target

Targets are generally pricey and out of reach for many however, the Woodland Buck 3–D Target produced by Rinehart Targets is a godsend. It has a replaceable insert that is made with their best rubbery foam at an unprecedented low price therefore allowing most of us to afford to own our own Rinehart 3–D Target at an affordable price.

#2 The Back Seat Bow Sling

The Back Seat Bow Sling produced by Trophy Hunting Products enables you to safely secure your bow to the back of your front seat and is quickly and easily made accessible again with a simple snap of a buckle. It is an innovative replacement for the hard case that comes with your bow and takes up so much room in your vehicle.

#1The Carbon Blade Stabilizers

The Carbon Blade Stabilizers produced by Fuse and Hoyt is an aerodynamic, incredibly strong, lightweight carbon fiber stabilizer that lessens side wind resistance by up to 70 per cent to keep your bow on target in a breeze. This is an amazing technology that you have to try out.

As always, these are just our expert opinions from our point of view. We therefore welcome your thoughts.

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