Archery – These 2 technologies guarantee arrow accuracy

The desire by archers to have arrows that guarantee maximum accuracy has meant that manufacturers have put a lot of focus on improving arrow technology to meet these desires for accuracy.We have tried some of the top-of-the-line arrows and have been really impressed with the accuracy improvements that we have seen.

Based on our tests that we have strived to do under the most extreme hunting environments, we have chosen to share with you the two technologies that we feel will give you the best shooting experience.

The Victory Archery VAP

For this category, we have tested both the V1 and the V3 models of the Victory Archery VAP (Victory Armor Piercing) arrows for hunting as well as outdoor 3 D shooting and we are very impressed with this technology. The V3 arrow has achieved a straightness of .003 inches whereas the V1 has achieved a straightness of .001 inches. This line of Victory VAP arrows are very small in diametermaking them buck the wind better and carry their velocity further down range than a standard diameter arrow.

In terms of weight, they are a little on the light side, but use a 50 grain insert. The Victory Penetrator II inserts for instance, have proven to be a much stronger inserts than what was used in the original models.Thus far, we have not registered a problem of any of them bending from an impact less than the typical impact that would damage any other arrow. When totaled up, the VAP V1 has a shoot weigh of 403 grains at 27 inches with a Penetrator II insert and a 100 grain tip.

All in all, the level of accuracy of the Victory VAP arrows has been exceptional all the way to 100 yards with target tips, and all the way to 80 yards with fixed blade broadheads.

The Carbon Express Maxima series

The second arrow technology we have tested and have been impressed with the results is the Carbon Express Maxima series. To be more specific, the Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows. If you had used the originalHunter Models and assumed that was as good as it gets in terms of arrow technology then you are in for a surprise. The Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows have achieved a straightness of .0025 and have a dual spine to them. Their ends are a stiffer spine than the center section which allows the arrows to recover from their initial bend at the shot more quickly. This is one of the main factors that we felt increases their accuracy. This is undoubtedly the best grouping arrows we’ve ever screwed a fixed blade broadhead to. They maintain their accuracy all the way to 80 yards with broadheads as well as target tips

Be sure to try these arrow technologies and we will appreciate if you share with us your thoughts

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