3 tips for choosing the right bow

The archery industry is quite competitive, meaning that there are many bow manufacturers out there eachproducing different models, therefore making it somewhat difficult or confusing for archery enthusiasts to determine which make and model is right for them.

So, where do you even start?

Having operated an original store for years, our advice to you is to first and foremost know why you want a bow and secondly, equip yourself with some fundamental knowledge of bow technology. These two things will enable you to choose the bow that’s right for you.

Here are 3 tips for choosing the right bow for yourself.

1 Know the primary purpose of your bow

Generally, people buy bows for target archery, bow hunting, or both. Therefore, the bow you choose must be selected according to how much time you intend to train in order for your bow to perform up to your expectations. Otherwise,if you simply want a recreational, easy-to-shoot bow for some backyardarchery thentechnology, design, color and shape will not be your priority. But if you are a serious shooter or bow hunter, the investment that you make into your bow is critical to maximizing your success as both a target shooter as well as a bow hunter. When all of your parts and pieces are perfected, the return on your investment will be tenfold.

2 You must be willing to spend to get quality

In the archery and bow hunting industry, there is a price range for everyone meaning that you will usually get exactly what you pay for. Generally, the more the quality of the bow and equipment that you purchase, the greater the results in terms of shooting accuracy, and this means spending more money. Otherwise, the less money you spend on your bow, the lower the quality as well as diminished shooting accuracy.

bow2 - 3 tips for choosing the right bow

3 Look out for the bow’s craftsmanship and components

At the end of the day, the thing that separates the low, middle and high price point bows is the bow’s level of craftsmanship and quality of components. Regardless of how much you spend on your bow, its axle-to-axle configuration, brace heightand cam options are the first things you should look out for as they will greatly influence how the bow performs of course depending on what your purpose for it is – target archery, bow hunting, or simply recreational archery.

Thanks to technology, even lower costing bows will still serve you well however, you need to know that they are cheap for a reason and cheap is always ultimately expensive. The more pricey bows always guaranteehardened axles, longer lasting bearings, tight and longer lasting limb pockets which are of great benefit to serious shooters. We can’t say the same for the cheaper options.

All in all,choosing the right bow and equipment will guarantee you a rewarding, fun as well as challenging experience.

Do share with us your experiences shopping for the bow that worked best for you.

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