Here is our unbiased review of the BowTurbow

The BowTurbow has been on the lips of archers and a feature in numerous archery trade shows owing to the fact that its innovative and revolutionary design promised to significantly enhance bow performance.

Well, we tested it, multiple times and in our unbiased opinion, the BowTurbow is NOT a worthwhile investment. Here is why.

Increased draw length and draw weight

Our testing results do concur that installing the BowTurbow does increase the speed by approximately 15 – 20feet per second however, the downside of this is that it resulted in a significant increase in draw length and draw weight. This basically means that as an archer, you have to accept the BowTurbow’s promise of increased speed by accepting an increase in your bow’s draw weight and draw length. If we are to look at it in terms of the math, if you factor in the gain in speed produced by draw weight and draw length, the actual increase in speed is only approximately 8 feet per second, much less than the promised 15 – 20 feet per second.

You do not need a new bow to achieve these results

From our assessment above, we can conclude that as an archer, if you feel the need for more speed, there is no need to obtain a new bow, all you need is to increase your draw length and draw weight. It’s very unnecessary to incur the cost of the BowTurbow which include the labor costs for installation and re-tuning, when you can achieve the same results using your current bow.

What you need to be wary of is that increasing your draw weight and draw length could be counterproductive to your shooting accuracy since your bow is always custom fit to your personal draw length and draw weight.

The bottom line

Ultimately, it is upon you as an archer to decide whether the promise of speed is enough reason to purchase the BowTurbow. Don’t get us wrong, if a draw length and draw weight increase is part of your goal then by all means, purchase a BowTurbow unit.

At Spirit Quest Archery, our highest priority is ensuring that our clients get value for money but unfortunately, we do not see that here.

We are open to your thoughts and comments on this review.

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