Top 20 Archery Products of 2010

Written By: Aaron Lasco

Here we are again – counting the days until the calendar says “GO”! Every year we search the web and pro–shop shelves for the latest and greatest archery products that will give us that extra edge.

We try to narrow the review to the top 10, but to be honest, 2010 almost requires the top 30! Nevertheless, after much deliberation, I narrowed it down to 20.

You will notice that there are no 2010 bows included in this year’s review, as I have decided to do a separate bow review article. The first reason being space for other gear, and secondly is my decision to have the opportunity to give you my bows ratings from one to another. 2010 compound bows were all pretty awesome, so make sure to look for that soon!

After scouring the Archery Trade Show for the best–of–the–best, here it is ……our 2010 top 20 favorite archery products coming soon to your favorite archery gear toy store – Spirit Quest Archery.

Spot Hogg needs no introduction. However, their newest addition of the SPOT HOGG BULLET PROOF 3 PIN SIGHT is one “bad boy” sight to check out. With the fast bows these days, three pin sights set at 30, 40, and 50 yards are in demand. This is the toughest sight on the block, and at price point that makes it a real deal for Spot Hogg quality. It comes black with wrapped fibers and is sure to please.

Trophy Taker has jumped into the snap rest category with their re–designed Full Containment Rest called the “SMACKDOWN”. This rest raises your arrow into position upon drawing the bow and keeps it up longer thus supporting the arrow better – then “smacks–down” out of the way at the last second. This design greatly helps with high energy compounds that push arrows hard. Trophy Taker knows how to build it tough!

Field Logic has built an economy model of the ever popular “Full Rut” 3–D Buck Target. The GLEN DELL 3–D BUCK TARGET, for an economy price, offers lots of value packed into this life–like smaller cousin of the world’s favorite 3–D deer target.

Rinehart Targets have at last answered our requests for a square block target built to take thousands of hard hitting arrows. The new RINEHART RHINO BRUTE TARGET BLOCK is a 16″ – 6 sided slab of stopping power for high performance bows at an unbeatable price.

New from Badlands is the lightest backcountry hauler designed with guidance from Cameron Hanes. It’s called the SACRAFICE, and is only a touch over 3 pounds! When ultra–light is a must, the “Sacrifice” is the answer.

Primos has an incredible new version of Double Bull’s “Darkhorse” Ground Blind. The DOUBLE BULL CRUSHER GROUND BLIND is built with a formed 3–D camo material, easier adjusting hubs, and comes with a backpack that converts into a chair or a shelf for inside the blind. The “Crusher” is packed with features at the same value as the Darkhorse used to go for.

Are you ready to get “stokerized”? The STOKERIZED STABILIZER SYSTEM is the newest, completely adjustable, absolutely killer looking stabilizer made of super stiff acrylic rods in a rainbow of colors that glow like Star Wars Light Sabers for target archery, as well as smoke and black with camo accents for hunting.

Also from Primos is the latest and greatest in scouting cameras called the TRUTH CAM 35 SCOUTING CAMERA, and built with a range of options at prices everyone can afford. Also cool, and sold separately, is the 360 degree ball mount to set it just right!

The BLACKS CREEK BARBARIAN FEATHERLITE PACK is a true creation with S.A.S. construction keeping it feather light but ready to be abused by packing in the backcountry. At just over five pounds, and over 4000 cubic inches, this kind of carrying power is a God Send.

Unveiled last year on the Double Bull Darkhorse blind, GROUND SWAT CAMO CLOTHING is a fantastic camo produced right here in Montana for any terrain that now offers a complete line of duds at incredible prices. Pants and shirts under $30 and it blends awesome and everywhere so you’ll wear it out! Pun intended.

Just when you thought all bino strap systems were the same, Dead Down Wind raised the bar and out did themselves with the BINO HOOKER. This one has a whole new approach, making the old designs, old news. Once you use the D2W Bino System – “You’re Hooked”. It stands alone in comfort, functionality and performance.

We pack our backpacks, with minimizing weight being our highest priority without having to eliminate the necessities. The new EZ TOWEL WIPES clean up great – even better is the compressed quarter sized ball design – expanding into standard size rags with just a few drops of water or scent suppressive liquid being added. Just plain smart!

If your health insurance company could sell you a policy that guarantees you’ll never fall out of tree stand for a one time fee of $149.99, would you grab it? I know I would. Gorilla has jumped into the future with the EXO–HARNESS for the ultimate in safety , features and comfort. You owe it to yourself, and your family, to be safe, all the while not feeling restricted and able to hunt effectively.

The latest and greatest in lighted nock technology comes from DOUBLE TAKE ARCHERY’S NOCTURNAL LIGHTED NOCK. With a super simple design that’ll never fail you in the moment of truth, “Nockturnal” comes in red, green, yellow and PINK! A great value in a triple pack.

Field Logics popular “RAGE IN THE CAGE” slogan for their expandable broadheads has finally been perfected with their new snap closed blade retention system. Give em the “red carpet treatment”. Also available in super strong titanium with a sleek compact ferrule reducing drag.

Eberlestock backpacks are the military’s choice for ingenuity and strength. Their bow hunting offerings are loaded full of mind blowing features and craftsmanship. The EBERLESTOCK BLUE WIDOW PACK is a backcountry bow hunter’s fantasy pack come true. The “Blue Widow Pack’s” unparalleled fit and function in the hunting pack’s industry separates this pack from the rest – stemming from immense research and development. At a competitive price, this is a “no–brainer”.

How could a Ripcord Drop–Away Arrow Rest get any better? RIPCORD’S 2010 CODE RED DROP–AWAY ARROW REST now has a faster, quieter, bounce–back–brake, and wear resistant quieter launcher cover! WOW! They did it again!!!

Tired of messy cover/attractant scents ruining your precious gear, or freezing mid season? Try a stick of TROPHY BLEND’S ATTRACTANT/COVER SCENT. It’s like a deodorant type stick that will outlast 3 bottles of anything else, and a breeze to apply. Simply rub on your clothes, branches, or run the stick all the way up and set it down. No more mess, and this year they’ve added elk and mule deer for western hunters. FINALLY!

G5 has a reputation for the highest of quality in all their products. New for 2010 is the T–3 BROADHEAD. High performance bows demand high quality heads, and this one has it all. With two choices of its revolutionary spider clip springs, and slide back reliability – “It’s the T–3 for ME!

Here it is Guys and Gals! Our #1 top product for 2010 comes straight out of the spy books! The I–KAM XTREME VIDEO EYEWEAR is a video recorder (camcorder) built into modern looking sunglasses. Weighing ounces, this clever new technology can and will capture any and all memorable hunting moments as you encounter it!

As that big bull or buck ambles into your range, with the I–Kam Xtreme Video Eyewear Sunglasses, the camera will be rolling on a 8G super SD card for easy downloading onto your computer. Like any other Digital Camera or Cam Corder SD card, you can also remove the card to be developed or placed on a DVD by your favorite local photo developer.

Personally, I always find that despite my good intentions of packing my camcorder to capture my exciting hunting adventures, the camcorder seems to always get left behind. Not anymore! It goes “wear” I go now with this unsurpassable technology!

As the younger generation takes their first steps into our great outdoors, get it on video every step–of–the–way. Not only can these glasses capture your exciting hunting adventures, but will also capture the one in a life time moment’s of your child’s soccer games, bike riding lessons, graduations, and anything else that you want! Download it, keep it, and treasure it forever! Batteries last three hours and are cheaper than any other conventional camcorder on the market today. More important than any other equipment you add to your pack this year, get an I–Kam Xtreme for a life–time of library adventures!

As always, thanks for your support, shoot straight, and get your gear early so you are prepared when the calendar calls!