How To Order Custom Bow Strings And Cables

Winners Choice Strings are custom made to your bow’s specifications. Therefore, it is necessary to receive your bow’s individual specifications in order to accurately build your custom bow strings and cables.

On the bottom limb of your bow (or inside your bow’s bottom inner limb pocket), you will find a sticker listing your bow’s lengths and specifications. Hoyt, some Pse and Bowtech Bows have split buss cables and/or control cables.

If your bow has a SINGLE CAM, you will need one (1) string between approximately 88″–100″, and one (1) split buss cable length between 30″–45″.

If your bow is a dual cam system, you will need one (1) string length between approximately 30″–60″ and two (2) split buss cables of equal length between approximately 30″–50″.

If you have a HYBRID (CAM & 1/2) system, you will need one (1) string between approximately 40″–60″, one (1) split buss cable between approximately 30″–40″, and one (1) longer control cable between approximately 30″–40″.

Newer Bowtechs have BINARY DUAL CAM systems that require one (1) string between approximately 30″–50″, and two (2) identical control cables between approximately 30″–50″. Split buss cables split in a “V” attaching to the outer limb axles. Control cables DO NOT SPLIT. Control cables attach directly from cam to cam.

Please give us very accurate and complete information requested in the “Add To Shopping Cart” page!

Below is an example of the information you will find on your bow’s bottom limb:

Draw Length:
String Length:
SB (Split Buss Cables IF APPLICABLE):
CC (Control Cables IF APPLICABLE):
On a HOYT BOW, located on the bottom inner limb pocket, you will find a sticker with the following information:

Serial Number:
String Length:
BCCC (buss cable/control cable):
*Note*The BC (split buss cable) length is listed first. The CC (control cable) length is listed last.