Bowturbow Review

Written By: Aaron Lasco
March 12, 2009

At the 2009 Archery Trade Show, the BowTurbow was introduced and advertised as being able to enhance bow performance in the following ways:

Lower your bow poundage and shoot the same speed.
Shoot a heavier tip weight to increase f.o.c.
More kinetic energy and better penetration.
Increase the speed of your bow by 10–30 fps.
Fits any standard 3/8″ cable bar.
Quietens your bow.
Increases accuracy.
Firm the wall.
After carefully following BowTurbow’s manufacturer installation instructions; testing several bows of various cam styles and technologies, and using very careful calculations, my professional findings are that the BowTurbow is NOT a worthwhile investment.

All of my testing showed an increase in speed of approximately 15–20 feet per second with the BowTurbow attached. However, the side effect of installing the BowTurbow is a “hidden” increase in draw length and draw weight. In other words, the BowTurbow gives your bow an increase in speed by “sneaking” in an increase in the bow’s draw weight and draw length to an almost unnoticeable extent. Therefore, when you deduct the gain in speed produced by draw weight and draw length with the BowTurbow installed, the actual increase in speed is only approximately 8 feet per second. In fact, in most cases, if the speed gain was more than the weight and length produced without BowTurbow, there was only a gain in speed of approximately 3–5 feet per second.

In conclusion, if you want more speed, you can obtain the same results without incurring the cost of the BowTurbow as well as labor costs for installation and re–tuning your bow by simply increasing your draw weight and draw length which would be counter productive to shooting accuracy since your bow is custom fit to your personal draw length and draw weight.

I DO NOT recommend that consumers alter factory tuned settings unless a draw length and draw weight increase is part of the goal in purchasing a BowTurbow unit. Having wheels on bearings is never a bad thing for your cables. In fact, I prefer it (Mathews).

The bottom line: the consumer must decide whether that alone is worth the cost of BowTurbow ($79.99) plus the cost of installation and re–tuning labor costs.

Spirit Quest Archery’s highest priority is ensuring that our client’s “get what they pay for”. In the case of BowTurbow, unfortunately, it fails.