Archery Gear for Trouble Free Bow Hunting

Archery Gear List for Trouble Free Bow Hunting:


There are many items we carry in the field with us when we hunt and many of them we would never miss until we actually need them.  Damaging or losing some of these items can and have ended many a hunt before it ever began.  Or, perhaps even worse, one of these items breaking or becoming lost can end a hunt after we’ve hiked in 5-10 miles.  Sometimes we are several hours driving from the nearest Archery Pro Shop and sometimes the items need to be special ordered in order to get you back in the game.

I know many of us do not want to carry all the extra weight of these spare items, but many of the items can be left in the truck or at base camp. Besides, I figure if I need to cut the weight in my pack by a couple ounces, I probably should have just lost that 10 extra pounds I’m carrying around my mid-section.  That would make a much bigger difference in the weight I carry up the mountain than cutting my toothbrush handle off.

All of that aside, there are a few items that you should have extras of and take on any travel hunt you do.  You should consider also taking these items to any shoots you attend throughout the year.  Having spares for many items can save your weekend.

Here are two lists containing many of the things one would need to keep them hunting and their bow functioning correctly. The first list contains the items I carry in my pack, even on a day hunt. The second list contains what I would leave in my truck or camp. However I believe they are important enough they could save my hunt or archery shoot.


Must Haves and carry items:

  1. Spare release
  2. Two extra broadheads
  3. Broadhead wrench (cheaper than stitches )
  4. String Wax (to keep rain out of your string)
  5. Approx. 12 inches of string loop material
  6. Butane lighter
  7. Serving material
  8. Leatherman style multi-tool
  9. Archer’s Allen wrench tool
  10.  Extra Peep tubing (if the peep has one)
  11.  Bow belt hook
  12.  Armguard  (to keep your sleeve out of the way)
  13.  Bow Sling

If I was planning on hiking in for more than 1 hour I also take a couple extra arrows.  If you fall on you quivered arrows and break a few, it could be a long hike out to get more.

Should Haves (Usually leave in vehicle or camp)

  1. Spare Arrows
  2. Spare broadheads and blades
  3. Judo tips or bludgeon points
  4. Portable Bow Press
  5. Bohning Mini Server tool with serving material
  6. String Splitter
  7. Extra string silencers
  8. Spare String Set
  9. Fuzzy stuff and rest silencing material
  10. Spare Peep sight
  11.  Spare sight pins or sight
  12.  Fiber optic material for sight pins
  13.  Loop material
  14.  Spare Kisser button (if you use one)
  15.  Wrenches and tools
  16.  Lubricant for bow
  17.  Tape measure
  18.  Arrow Glue

I have known several people who take a spare bow, fully set up, instead of many of these items.


Obviously you need to know how to tie a string loop on your string or tie in a peep sight etc. in order for many of these items to be useful.  I suggest you learn these relatively easy skills so you aren’t relying on a pro-shop that may or may not be open when you need minor repairs.  Also, as I stated above, the pro-shop could be hours away. Hunting time is precious to me and I don’t want to waste any of it driving to town for repairs or waiting for a special order string.

Good hunting,  Kevin