About Us

Spirit Quest Archery is a family owned business that calls the Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana home. We strive to help our customers find and use the right equipment for their adventure. Whether your passion is bow hunting, traditional archery, competitive target archery, or simply recreation we will help you realize your potential and progress your archery skills further than you ever thought possible.


Spirit Quest Archery carries the best brands and highest quality archery equipment known in the industry. We are devoted to the archery industry and in making certain each of our customers excel in the sport. We test the equipment and bows we sell and will only sell the bows and equipment we believe in. We sell several top brands of bows because not every bow perfectly matches every archer.


Spirit Quest Archery is a full service archery pro-shop. Our services include, re-stringing bows, archery instruction, complete bow tuning, paper tuning, custom arrow making and the list goes on.

We also house the only indoor 3-D range in the Flathead Valley of Montana. Our indoor range allows for shooting up to forty yards and is a great place to beat the winter cold or summer heat and shoot your bow year round.

Meet The Team

Owners – Kevin and Kim Friedman


Kevin Friedman has been shooting bows since he was eight years old. For over thirty years he has been found with a bow of some type in his hand. He began with a Bear Archery fiberglass bow and progressed to compounds in the late eighties. Archery is an integral part of Kevin’s life and he feels blessed to be apart of the archery world every day.

Kim Friedman has been shooting archery for many years and loves the challenge it holds. She is a very dedicated archery hunter and has begun competing in target archery the last few years. Kim is very dedicated to exposing children to archery and helping them begin their lifelong love of the sport.

Owner – Larry Friedman

Larry Arizona Elk

Larry Friedman began his archery career over forty years ago. He loves the added difficulty of archery hunting and cherishes his time in the field chasing whatever wary animal he is pursuing. From traditional bows and the first wooden compound (wheel bows) to the highly efficient cams of today’s bows, Larry has seen great progress with archery equipment throughout his many years in the sport.

Greeter – Tytus – 1/1/04 – 2/10/15

tytus and duck

Tytus loved coming to work every day to say hi to everyone. He was a fun loving, distinguished, friendly, puppy at heart kind of dog. He LIVED for bird hunting. His favorite time of the year was during Youth League, because Tytus loved all the attention from all the kids and parents. RIP Buddy! We miss you! <3